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”Friday evenings at six o’clock” is a virtual monument, in dialogue with the physical monument ”535” by Ismo Kajander erected in 1994. It poses questions about how digital works can constitute a new generation of public monuments, and simultaneously provides a new relationship to the memorial site of the specific events the occurred at Sirkkala during the Finnish Civil War in 1918. Antells work in Turku is the first in a series of several digital works planned in both Finland and Sweden. By focusing on the erected monuments, the project seeks to investigate the process when history is transformed into cultural heritage, and how this manifested as imprints in a divided urban space.

Antell has created an audio-visual art work made available through extended reality (XR) technology, that is possible to view through a mobile device; a telephone and headphones. It consists of a spatial music composition, created from site specific recordings, that is developed into an interactive immersive experience. The work is both geographically positioned, and also time bound, as the title suggest. By blending archive material from the the historical site with current digital interventions with its physical environment the work expose different time layers simultaneously.

FRIDAY EVENINGS AT SIX O´CLOCK är en digital offentlig gestaltning. Verket är skapat i form av en geospatial musikkomposition i XR-teknologi, skapad i dialog med det fysiska monumentet 535 av Ismo Kajander, beläget i Åbo. Minnesmärket, som restes 1994, utmärker fånglägret som låg på denna plats under finska inbördeskriget 1918. Genom att använda skulpturen som instrument är kompositionen interaktiv, och förändras beroende på hur användaren rör sig genom platsen. Verket kommer att presenteras i augusti 2024 under det årliga Aboagora-symposiet i Åbo.

Rocket Warfare

Friday evenings at six o´clock /// 2024
Geospatial musik-komposition, augmented reality - transmedial immersiv upplevelse, Sirkkala, Åbo, 2024.